Yvonne KitchenLifelong horsewoman Yvonne Kitchen has honed her observational skills through experiences ranging from years raising a variety of domestic and exotic animals to competing in and judging competitive trail rides with her Veterinarian husband.

Her highly detailed renderings exhibit not only her knowledge of anatomy, but they also bring out the personality of each subject. Largely, self-taught, Yvonne has been drawing horses on every available surface since childhood, but even while creating ceramic horses in high school, she instinctively knew she needed to work in three dimensions.

Her fascination with one of her favorite subjects, the giant draft horse breeds dates back to learning to drive from her mentor, who was an 18 year old teamster during the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Widowhood and retirement from a nursing career brought her the time to take several workshops and begin to create her distinctive bronzes.